Moving Mattresses

Living abroad has the ability to move you out of your comfort zone many times. I’m all for that. It makes you grow. And sometimes it’s just the kind of push you need to do something great.  It’s also a good way to help you to just get over yourself. Sometimes we need to just get over ourselves to give room for momentum to do its thing and to prevent a very shallow lived life…Oh man, deep thoughts that was birthed by a very “non-deep “ event.

The other day we had to move some stuff from the Hillsborough house to ours. By “some stuff” I’m referring to a mattress, a TV, a mop, a bucket and a broom. (Remember the “Liewe Heksie” broom in a previous post…I now have a normal one).  This means, all of that, and us, on the orange vespa. Comfort zone shifted and laughing our way through the shifting. We moved it, looking confidently stupid while I avoided eye contact with everyone we passed and I processed through “just- get- over- yourself” thoughts.

Another mattress needed to make his way into our life, and so one more mattress mission was in sight. When Stoffel asked me to go with him to SM to buy it, I blushed before we went out the door. I knew what was coming. What went through my mind was, is this really us looking incredibly stupid or is this just another new normal. Probably a bit of both…

With all the discomfort, embarrassment, weird new normals and more, this sure is a fun adventure. I’m glad I could remind myself of that. Learning the big stuff through the small stuff makes the bigger things we sometimes have to deal with easier.

Hope you have a chance to just laugh at yourself this week. If you don’t, then laugh at these pictures…

20150817_161628 20150817_162051



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