Cheers to the Moment!


A few years ago, I can’t exactly remember where and when, I came to the realization that whenever I did something, like running or hanging out with friends, or reading a book, I would think up a Facebook status…

“What an awesome run in the rain…”

“Having so much fun with the girls…”

“Totally loving what I am reading right now…”

I didn’t like it. So I stopped updating my Facebook status…I was worried of being sucked into cyber reality and not my own reality…

Yesterday, while hiking in heat that left me feeling a little bit dizzy afterwards, I came to the realization that I am thinking up blog posts…and I liked it…:)

I feel that it’s like writing a book. Sort of. I am definitely more challenged than with just writing a one- liner… So even though this is very new to me, I think I am going to enjoy it. Here’s trying out blog post number two.

Sometimes, when travelling and discovering new things, you find yourself in those moments where you realize that what you are experiencing now, is a rare moment that you only have because you are at the right place at the right time…We had that moment Saturday late afternoon just before sunset. On our way back from a failed attempt to hike the trail we actually managed to hike the next day (the one that left us all feeling dizzy and me thinking about blog posts…) we stopped at a random little bar because Meg wanted to take a picture of the even more random Starbucks sign. Stoffel was thirsty so he went in for a Coke. Moments later I heard the words: “There’s a karaoke machine! Just one song! ” I didn’t even think twice.

Philippines, like most other Asian countries,LOVE their Karaoke. Or Videoke as they call it here. People have videoke machines in their houses and you’re very likely to hear someone scream an Aerosmith song next door…

If you can’t beat them, join them. So we did. Even Stoffel sang a song all by himself. What?! And the best thing was that it was this old school, red juke- box kind of karaoke player. Literally in the middle of nowhere, we sang our very first Filipino karaoke song. We overlooked the city and the ocean in the background, while the sunset left the sky with an orange glow. Off course, we ended up having a San Miguel (Filipino beer) to cheers the moment.




2 thoughts on “Cheers to the Moment!

  1. Aaaaah lekker!! Julle maak alweer great memories!! Love jou blog Kat!!! Geniet als en skryf neer al die cool plekke vir ons iteanary..;)


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