A very WARM welcome.

My first encounter with the friendly Filippino people was when a teanage boy and older lady woke me up from my Manila airport sleep to ask if I am also on the next flight to Cagayan de Oro. With a grateful but “deur -die -blare” yes I followed them to the Cebu Pacific airplane that would take me to my new home for the next year.20150517_175001

Stoffel told that me the airport at Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is “cute”. I understood why when we landed. A building so small the eager pick ups must wait outside for their loved ones arriving on the plane. It wasn’t hard to spot Stoffel in the waiting crowd… reunited at last!

Jumped in our taxi and the journey began. Palm trees, wooden shacks, crazy traffic and …the…heat…

It’s been a week and and a bit and the heat is still on but you get smart.  We have explored a bit of our surroundings, driving around on the back of motorbikes, in motorellas, in taxis and the famous Jeepneys. Sometimes we borrow James’ Ford bakkie and Stoffel drives through the crazy traffic like he has done it before…

We’ve had some really tasty dishes and the stories we’ve heard about the Filippino food being bland hasn’t proven true …yet? I love buying food in the supermarket. It’s different and a big discovery the entire time you push your trolley through the wide isles.

The Filippinos are really friendly and we’ve met some wonderful people. Through Stoffel’s work and me helping out with some of the projects, we see them a lot and can really get to know them. It’s been great to have James and Lee Anne’s (Stoffel’s empoloyer and his wife)  house close and to just pop in for dinner or to hang around there.

My first morning in the Philippines I got introduced to my new best friend…the mango. Oh, how happy I am that these sweet yellow fellows are cheap and delicious! So much so that we named our blog after them:)

Mango love, some pictures to follow soon.



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